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DC insulation monitoring ZJJ-1A relay

DC insulation monitoring ZJJ-1A relay

The relay is mainly used to monitor the low voltage DC bus insulation, when the bus to ground insulation is reduced to a certain value, relay, issued warning signal.
The characteristics of:
The principle is simple, reliable, low power consumption, can replace the same type insulation monitoring relay.
Type name:

Working principle:
Relay type and meaning follows: relay based on the bridge principle, by the dry reed relay as the sensitive element, the high impedance intermediate relay as an export components. Sensitive element is connected across the ground and balance resistance. When on both sides of the DC bus of more equal resistance, sensitive element of winding current does not pass through the; when one side of the insulation resistance value dropped, an unbalanced current through the sensitive element windings. On both sides of the insulation resistance value is greater, the more unbalance current. In the unbalanced current reaches a certain value, the relay, an alarm signal.
The main technical parameters:
5.1 rated voltage: 48V, 110V, 220V.
5.2 action: insulation resistance value when 220V (25 ~ 15) kW; when 110V (6.4 ~ 3.7) kW; when 48V (1.5 ~ 0.85) kW.
5.3 relay contact type
Provide a relay contact.
5.4 weight: not more than 1kg.
5.5 working conditions
A) locations are not allowed to explosion hazard of the medium and the surrounding medium not containing corrosion and damage to the insulation of the gas and a conducting medium, does not allow full of water vapor and more serious mold;
B) place is not allowed to have strong vibration and shock;
C) place should have the rain, snow, wind prevention, sand facilities;
The use of D) location is not allowed outside of the magnetic induction intensity of more than 1.5mT.
5.6 dielectric strength relay, the conductive circuit electrification of foreign Lufei metal, output contact and shell between should be able to endure 2KV (RMS), 50 Hz AC voltage test, which lasted for 1 min. the test without insulation breakdown and flashover phenomenon.
5.7 electrical interference relay shall comply with GB7261 and GB6261 "static relays and protection device of electric anti interference test".
Behind the relay wiring diagram:
Behind the relay wiring diagram and typical wiring diagram (see figure 1- Figure 6)

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