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Intermediate relay DZ-15

Intermediate relay DZ-15

1, the scope of application

DZ-10 intermediate relay (hereinafter referred to as the relay) as auxiliary relay, for all the protection circuit, in order to increase the main protection relay contact number or contact capacity.

DZ-15 type intermediate relay has two pay close and two pay break contact.

DZ-16 type intermediate relay has three inch and a pair of break contact.

DZ-17 type intermediate relay has four paid contact.

2, the main technical parameters

DC - 12V, 48V, 110V, 220V.

The action value: not more than 70% of the rated voltage value.

The return value is not less than 5% of the rated value.

The action time: at the rated value is not greater than 45ms.

The return time: when the input amount from rated value reaches zero, the return time relay is not greater than 60ms.

- power consumption: less than 7W.

] contact capacity: no more than 250V voltage, current does not exceed 5, the time constant for 5 + 0.75ms DC sense circuit load, product output contact breaking capacity is 50W. The output contacts in the above specifiedload conditions, the product can act reliably and return 5 * 104 times. The output current is 5A connected to allowlong-term contact.

] dielectric strength: product of each conductive terminal connected to, on the exposed uncharged metal part or between the shell and can bear 2000V (RMS) 50Hz AC voltage which lasted 1 minute test without dielectric breakdown or flashover phenomenon.

3 internal wiring diagram

4 the shape and size of holes (see the table)

The relay adopts a convex type fixed wiring, installation size, open hole pattern.

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