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Negative sequence voltage relay BFY-10 series

Negative sequence voltage relay BFY-10 series


FYR - 10A series of negative sequence voltage relay (hereinafter referred to as the relay) for generator and transformer relay protection circuit, as the blocking voltage element and reaction asymmetric short circuit when line voltage of negative sequence component.

Main technical parameters

Rated voltage: AC 100V、173V;50Hz、60Hz;
DC 220V、110V、48V、
Negative sequence action line voltage setting range: 6 ~ 12V, the variation is no more than 6%;
DC variable range: 220V, 110V allowed in the range of 80% to 110% change, for 48V allowed to vary in the range of 90% ~ 110%, the relay should work.
Power consumption: AC 100V/ = 5VA, 173V/ = 8VA; >DC 220V/ = 6W, 110V/ = 4W, 48V/ = 2W;
Contact form: BFY - 11A type a contact, BFY - 12A type has a dynamic contact, BFY - 13A type has a dynamic and a pair of contact.

Internal wiring diagram

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