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Signal relay JX-11 series

Signal relay JX-11 series


JX series static signal relay (hereinafter referred to as "the product") for DC operation of protection and automatic control device, as the action of signal indication. The product is composed of discrete components and small relays etc.. This product movement speed fast, overcome the domestic power system jump closing circuit due to the quick action of the vacuum switch, the original type electromagnetic relay signal response action indication signal defects; with manual reset and electric reset function, can satisfy the unattended room requirements; multi group dynamic close contact with, can meet the requirements of signal indication and remote; strong earthquake and any installation, has the advantages of wide current range of motion of the specifications. The product of JX - 10, JX - 20, JX - 30 for renewable alternative DX update - 11/11A, DX - 8/8G, DXM - 2A, DX - 30 and other products.

The main technical parameters
Start value:

220V, 110V, voltage DC 48V;

The current type DC 0.01 ~ 2A.

The auxiliary power supply: DC  220V, 110V 48V, dc;
Return to power: DC 220V、110V、48V;
Action value:

Voltage type action voltage is not greater than 70% of rated voltage;

The current action current is less than 90% of rated current.

The action time: Under the rated working condition, no more than 10ms.
Power consumption: Not is bigger than 3W.
Contact performance: No more than 250V voltage, the electric current does not exceed 5a, the time constant for 5 + 0.75ms DC sense circuit load, product output contact breaking capacity is 50W. The output contacts in the above specified load conditions, the product can act reliably and return 5 * 104 times. The output current is 5A connected to allow long-term contact.
Medium strength: Products of each conductive terminal even together, on the exposed uncharged metal part or between the shell, bear 2000V (RMS) 50Hz AC voltage which lasted 1 minute test without dielectric breakdown or flashover phenomenon.

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