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Voltage relay JY-30 series

Voltage relay JY-30 series


JY series integrated circuit voltage relay (hereinafter referred to as "the product") for motor, transformer and transmission line overload and short-circuit protection device as a starting element. This product for the static type of integrated circuit relay, high precision, low power consumption, short action time, return coefficient is high, the setting is intuitive, convenient, it overcomes the original type electromagnetic relay contacts are easily jitter, noise larger, action of return coefficient is difficult to adjust and transport action value liable to change the disadvantages of value of. The products are divided into three series: JY-10, JY-20, JY-30, DJ-100, DY-20C, can replace DY-30electromagnetic relay.


Note: JY - 10, 20, 30 series voltage relay and other various types of factory JY - 1A, 1b, 1C, JY8 - 10, 20, 30 series is belongs to products of the same type.

The main technical data

The auxiliary power supply: DC 220V、110V、48V;
Setting range See model description
Setting error: In the baseline condition, the setting value of the error is less than + 2.5%; consistency is not greater than 1.5%
Return coefficient: In the baseline condition, return any set point value of not less than 0.9;
The action time: 1.1 times the setting value of the action time is not more than 25ms.
Return time:
0.5 times the setting value of the return time is not more than 27ms.
Power consumption: AC circuit power consumption is less than 2VA; DC power consumption is less than 5W.
Contact capacity: No more than 250V voltage, the electric current does not exceed 5a, the time constant for 5 + 0.75ms DC sense circuit load, product output contact breaking capacity is 50W. The output contacts in the above specified load conditions, the product can act reliably and return 5 * 104 times. The output current is 5A connected to allow long-term contact.
Medium strength: Products of each conductive terminal even together, on the exposed uncharged metal part or between the shell, bear 2000V (RMS) 50Hz AC voltage which lasted 1 minute test without dielectric breakdown or flashover phenomenon.

Internal wiring diagram


JY-1A and JY-11 are the same

JY-1B and JY-21 are the same

JY-1C and JY-31 are the same

The shape and size of holes

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